OLIVIER BIZON, co-founder, Chairman of the Board.

Olivier Bizon began his career as a financial advisor for institutional clients with Paribas (Suisse) SA. Between 1992 and 1995, he worked at Credit Suisse Private Banking as an investment manager for private clients. He returned to Paribas (Suisse) SA in 1995, heading up the private clients division for Switzerland. He was appointed a member of Senior Management at that time and subsequently became a member of the Private Banking Executive Committee in 2000. In 2001, he joined Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA as Managing Director and became a Member of the Executive Board six months later as Head of Private Banking for the bank. In 2005, he was part of the executive team that sold three private banks and a specialised asset manager (SBC Wealth Management AG) to Julius Baer.

In 2006, he left the bank to co-found 1875 FINANCE as Managing Partner and Vice-Chairman of the Board until 2016 when he was appointed Chairman of the Board.






JACQUES-ANTOINE ORMOND, co-founder, Partner and Head of Private Clients.

Jacques-Antoine Ormond started his financial career in 1999 with Ferrier Lullin & Cie. After working for UBS Warburg and GAM in London, he returned to Ferrier Lullin in Geneva as a relationship manager. In 2004 he became a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) and was appointed to the Executive Board.

In 2006, he left the bank to co-found 1875 FINANCE as a Partner. Named Senior Partner in 2011. 




1875 Finance 7485 Lores Srgb


PAUL KOHLER, Co-founding Partner, CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

Paul Kohler began his financial career in 1991 at ELF Trading (ex-Total) in Geneva as the Assistant to CFO and controller of crude oil and refined product trading. In 1993, he joined Paribas (Switzerland) SA in Geneva where he was responsible for managing private clients and was later appointed as a Member of Management in 1998.

In 2001, Paul joined Ferrier Lullin & Cie (member of the UBS Group) to lead the Swiss management group. He was appointed Managing Director in 2005 before Ferrier Lullin's sale to Julius Baer.

In 2006, he left the Julius Baer bank to found 1875 FINANCE SA along with Olivier Bizon, Aksel Azrac and the Ormond family, François-Michel Ormond and Jacques-Antoine Ormond.

Paul Kohler currently holds the role of 1875 FINANCE’s CEO.






AKSEL AZRAC, co-founder, Partner and Head of the Multi-Family Office.

Aksel Azrac began his career as a consultant for major car companies. In 1997 he joined Paribas (Suisse) SA in Geneva where he co-managed the Parvest fund for Switzerland before resuming his consulting activities. In 2001 he joined Ferrier Lullin & Cie as manager of a portfolio of Swiss and foreign clients.

He was appointed to the Executive Board in 2002 and left the company in 2006 to co-found 1875 FINANCE as a Senior Partner.


 Taddei 190X190


FILIPPO TADDEI, Managing Director - Head of Zurich Office.

Filippo Taddei is a Swiss attorney-at-law and holds a PhD in law. He started his career at Brown Brothers Harriman & Co in New York in 2000. Afterwards, he worked for VISCHER Ltd. in Zurich, a leading law firm in Switzerland, in Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) as well in Banking & Finance until 2004. He joined Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. in Zurich in 2005 as Managing Director in the field of M&A and moved to the Private Banking department in relationship management in 2007. He became member of the Executive Committee Switzerland in 2014.

He left Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. in November 2016 to join 1875 FINANCE Zurich as Managing Director and Head of the Zurich Office.

1875 Finance 7423 Lores Srgb  

WOLFGANG KLIEN, Managing Director – Senior Private Banker.

Wolfgang Klien earned his Master Degree from St.Gallen University (HSG) followed by a Doctorate Degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In 1994, he started his career in Management Consulting with a focus on Private Banking and Asset-Management. In 2000, he was engaged in major projects for Helvetia and later joined Bank Vontobel, where he headed its Private Banking Products & Services Department. In parallel, he completed a post-graduate education in International Wealth Management with an MBA Degree from the University of Geneva and an EMBA degree from Carnegie Mellon. Subsequently, he spent the next 10 years with Julius Baer, first with its asset-management company GAM, and then with its private bank as a Senior Client Advisor.

In 2017 he joined 1875 FINANCE where he continues to care for his clients and to advance the development of the Zurich office.


CHRISTOPHE GERMAIN, Director - Head of Legal Office.

After his internship with lawyer Denis Oswald, the former President of the Neuchâtel Bar Association, Christophe German became a lawyer in 1993. That same year, he started his career with Fiduconsult SA as a legal advisor. He became head of the Neuchâtel branch and then chief legal officer for the whole of French-speaking Switzerland. In April 2000, he joined UBS SA as Private Banking legal advisor for French-speaking Switzerland. In September 2000, he became a Board Member and Head of the legal department with Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA, a UBS Group private bank.

In 2006, he left the bank to join 1875 FINANCE as Head of the Legal Office.

Andre Barenghi 190X190 1  

ANDREA BARENGHI, Managing Director - Head of Trading Desk.

Andrea Barenghi started his career in 1984 with De La Rue Giori, specializing in banknote creation and in the selling of production equipment to various Governments. In 1995, he joined Banque du Crédit Agricole Suisse SA, where he was in charge of bond market-making, forex and macro-economic analyst on the equity markets, interest and exchange rates.

In 1999, he joined newly-created Banque Syz, bringing with him his knowledge of client development and dedicated portfolio management for wealthy families and for Family Offices.

He left Banque Syz in 2015 to join 1875 FINANCE.


190X190 MB  

MICHEL ALAIN BIZON, Managing Director - Private Clients.

Michel Alain Bizon started his career in 1981 in the international trading department of BNP Paribas (Suisse). From 1984, he worked for the corporate business department of Royal Bank of Canada (Suisse), spending two years between Toronto and Montreal. Between 1991 and 1997, he worked at Credit Suisse both in Geneva and Zurich as a Board Member for corporate business, then as Head of Bank Relations for French-speaking Switzerland. He returned to Royal Bank of Canada (Suisse) as the Board Member for private banking. In 2003, he was appointed Deputy Director for the private banking department at Mirabaud & Cie SA.

He joined 1875 FINANCE in 2014.

1875 Finance 2622  

MUSTAFA KARADAG, Investment Manager and Advisor.

Mustafa Karadag started his career in 2004 with Finansbank (Suisse) SA. In 2006 he joined UBS Wealth Management and worked in private client management.

In 2013 he left UBS for 1875 FINANCE, becoming an investment manager and advisor for private clients.


 Rolfkaufmann 190X190  

ROLF KAUFMANN, Managing Director – Private clients.

Rolf Kaufmann received his masters degree in law from the University of St Gall in 1992. After working for a Zurich based law firm he changed “métier” and joined Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers, the oldest Swiss private bank at the time, to work as PA to the managing partner, Dr Konrad Hummler, in 1995.

After a stage in New York with some Wallstreet brokers he returned to Switzerland and was co-responsible for the implementation of Wegelin’s first and only subsidiary in Liechtenstein and simultaneously the first branch in Zurich where he became a member of the private clients team.

In 2003 he graduated from a joint International Wealth Executive MBA of Carnegie Mellon and Geneva University. In 2007 he was named limited partner of Wegelin & Co. where he continued his career until 2017 (the bank was sold to Raiffeisen Switzerland and named Notenstein in 2012, after a merger with Basle based La Roche Private Bank in 2015 Notenstein La Roche Private Bank).

In 2017 he joined 1875 Finance as a Managing Director.

190X190 ML   MARC LUTHI, Director, in charge of Private Clients.

Marc Luthi started his career in 1983 with Flemings as an advisor for Asian markets. He then joined Ernst & Young as an M&A analyst and took part in the execution of transatlantic transactions. In 1997, he became head of capital markets at a Geneva bank. He then co-managed a firm specialised in wealth engineering. In 2004 he took part in starting up a new private bank and became Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board and Head of Private Banking.

He joined 1875 FINANCE in 2014.

 Schmitz 190X190   

OLIVER SCHMITZ, Executive Director - Private Clients.

After obtaining his Bachelor and then his Master in Economics and Finance at the University of Geneva, Oliver Schmitz began his career at Crédit Suisse in 2006. For 10 years, he specialised in the Private Banking Department, managing and developing a portfolio of Greek and Cypriot HNWI clients.

In 2016, he left Crédit Suisse to join 1875 FINANCE.

 Tardiou 190X190   

PIERRE TARDIOU, Managing Director – Private Clients.

Pierre Tardiou began his banking career in 1994 with SANPAOLO, where he was a Manager in the Financial Markets. In 2000, he joined UBS Monaco to develop the Key Clients segment and create tailored investment solutions for locals and Italian clients. In November 2004, joined Banque Lombard Odier & Cie in Geneva to develop UHNWI private clients and assist families with selling companies and structuring real estate transactions.

In 2016, he left Lombard Odier and joined 1875 FINANCE.


PASCAL VULLIET, Director, in charge of Private Clients.

Pascal Vulliet began his career in 1987 with the Union Bank of Switzerland in Geneva. He quickly took on leadership positions, became a manager and worked closely with the Private Banking management. As of 1992, he also became involved in the management of private clients and family groups related to members of the management, and took part in developing a business unit dedicated to this specific clientele.

He was then appointed Board Member, chairing the Board from 2001 until 2010 when he left the bank to join 1875 FINANCE.


BURCU MINAS BALTA, Executive Director – Senior Private Banker.

Burcu Minas Balta started her financial career in 2001 as a Relationship Manager at Credit Suisse, with a strong focus on the Turkish Market. She provided bespoke services and advice to Ultra High Net Worth Individuals across all areas of their wealth. Burcu has a holistic approach to service the specific needs of clients, especially in Asset Management and Investment Banking.   

After 18 years in Private Banking she joined 1875 FINANCE to continue to cater all wealth management needs of individuals, families and their financial affairs.



 Woertz 190X190  

JASMIN WOERTZ, Director - Private Clients.

Jasmin Woertz started her career in 2004 with UBS AG by joining an all-round traineeship. Afterwards she worked as an assistant for the High Net Worth Individual department until she left the bank to join Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. in 2008. There she worked as an assistant for Swiss private clients. In 2012 she became a Junior Relationship Manager after she finished the Swiss-certified Financial Planner diploma. Three years later she joined Basler Kantonalbank as a Relationship Manager.

In 2016, she left the bank to join 1875 FINANCE.   

1875 Finance 2686  

ISABELLE ROSENBERG, Junior Relationship Manager.

Isabelle Rosenberg started with UBS by joining an all-round traineeship programme between 2009 and 2011. She then went on to work for the Middle-Eastern client advisor department.

In 2012 she joined the private management department with Banque Mirabaud & Cie SA, before joining 1875 FINANCE in 2014.

She obtained the federal diploma of Certified International Wealth Manager, CIWM in 2017.

1875 Finance 1704 190X190  

MICHELE BONVIN, Senior Assistant.

Michèle Bonvin began her career in 1987 with SBS in the securities department, then worked for UBS after the merger. After working for the private banking back-office, she joined the “Special Clients” unit in 2001, in charge of support. She became the assistant to the desk head, subsequently leaving the bank in 2010 for 1875 FINANCE to work with Pascal Vulliet.

1875 Finance 1667 190X190  

SANDRA FERRARI, Senior Assistant.

Sandra Ferrari began her career in 1995 with Lombard Odier as an administrative assistant in the financial research department, then became a management assistant for Swiss and Italian clients. She started to work with Swiss private clients for private bank Ferrier Lullin & Cie in 2000, joining first their Benelux and then their Anglo-UK/Middle East divisions.

In 2006 she left the bank and followed the partners when they founded 1875 FINANCE.



Kongia-Ines obtained her diploma from IATA as a travel and tourism consultant after travelling abroad. She started her career with 1875 FINANCE in 2012.