Private clients

Jacques-Antoine Ormond

1875 FINANCE adapts its services according to its clients’ needs. Our open architecture approach prevents any conflict of interest, placing performance at the heart of our concerns.

Thanks to our outstanding expertise and networks, we are able to satisfy our clients’ needs and adapt our asset management and engineering solutions to evolving situations.

You can rely on 1875 FINANCE to:

- design a portfolio that meets your every need and fulfils your investment objectives

- analyse information and manage your risk

- constitute a multi-skilled team that will manage your assets in an optimal way

- provide management free of conflict of interest through our open architecture approach

- give you access to a selection of the best investments via the network we have developed

- provide you with stable relationships within the ever-changing private asset management sector

- conduct your banking operations through a single contact person

- develop a relationship based on trust thanks to high quality standards and skilled experts

1875’s concept focuses on two key objectives that are essential but sometimes neglected: asset protection and performance.